Vertical biohazard laminar flow hood

The hood has been designed for the overall protection of the operator, product and, if equipped with a HEPA exhaust filter, of the environment.

The FLOW ACTIVA hood is a vertical laminar flow hood with partial recirculation (approximately 70%) of the air through an absolute HEPA filter and partial expulsion (30%) of the treated air, with a protective air barrier for the operator through intake air from the front opening, without crossing the work surface, so as not to contaminate the product.


Cell cultures of animal and plant origin. Microbiology, virology and biotechnology laboratories. Hematology. Quality control in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Assembly of electronic and optical devices.


Cabins with work area protected by sterile vertical laminar flow in ISO 5 class, bench version, suitable for handling

of non-pathogenic biological material (standard model) or low / medium risk pathogens (mod. Plus).

The hoods comply with:

European Standard EN 1822 (for absolute HEPA filters); ISO 5 (formerly Federal Standard 209E)

UNI EN ISO 14644-1: 2001 legislation; Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI 66.5); CEI 62.25 standards for class 1 fixtures fixed installation

UNI-CIG regulation; The 120 - 150 and 180 Plus models are certified according to the UNI EN 12469 standard.

Technical features 

Class of work: ISO 5 (ex class 100 according to Fed Std 209E); HEPA H14 filter efficiency:> 99.995% MPPS according to EN 1822 (ex 99.999% on particles with 0.3 μm diameter); LAF average speed: factory parameter 0.36 m / sec. (adjustable from m / s 0.25 to 0.50)

Average barrier speed:> 0.40 m / sec .;

Rated power: 450 W (mod. 90); 660 W (mod. 120); 670 W (mod. 150); 700 W (mod. 180)

Expelled air flow rate: from 300 m3 / h min - to 600 m3 / h max (depending on the model)

Lamp: fluorescent - Working area luminous intensity:> 800 lux

Noise level: <60 dBA

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz


External carpentry in steel sheet painted with polyepoxide powder.

Double suction bottom (internal panel in AISI 304 stainless steel with "Scotch Brite" finish). Side glass window, 4 mm thick

Tempered front glass, can be opened to tilt for 90 °. Front opening height in work position: 200 mm

Stainless steel perforated worktop, composed of segments that can be easily removed for sterilization.

Membrane keyboard (soft touch) with antistatic protection. Taken for DOP flow test and exhaust test.

Automatic adjustment of downflow air speed and exhaust air (front barrier).

Single piece electronic board controlled by a modern microprocessor.

Predisposition through collar ∅ 250 mm (optional) for the eventual canalization outside the expelled air for the transformation from class II type A1 (ex A) to type A2 (ex B3). Automatic restart of the equipment in the event of an electrical blackout.


Main switch with O / I button light. Digital display with real-time reading of the vertical laminar flow and front barrier speed, expressed in meters / sec. Emergency button with the possibility of increasing the speed of the air flow in expulsion and on the work surface for indirect increase of the operator protection barrier. Operating buttons for safety solenoid valve on gas tap

(optional) fan, fluorescent and UV-C lamps, 230V internal power socket.

Digital electronic hour meter for general operation. Electronic digital hour meter for UV-C lamp operation (if installed).

UV-C lamp countdown timer, settable by the customer with auto-off at the end of the cycle (from 1 to 999 min).

Audible and visual alarms for:

front crystal in incorrect position;

downflow and / or exhaust anomalies (front barrier) due to clogging of the filters and / or faulty operation of the fan motors;

auto-start occurred (only by flashing LED). Visual pre-alarms with indication on display of necessity

forthcoming replacement for: UV lamp end (appears after 3900 hours of lamp operation); reached limit of use of the installed filters

(appears after 3900 hours of fan motor operation).