The flow modul is an autonomous unit that produces a purified air flow from the ceiling or for support, and is used in particular to keep a certain work area, a work surface or a finished product, an equipment clean. The unit is designed with the use of materials resistant over time, both the external structure and the protection net of the filter and prefilter. The unit is quite light and very easy to install. Typical applications also include clean rooms ISO EN 14644-1, Class 5 and US Federal Standard 209E.The steel module includes a high efficiency prefilter, a backward curved radial fan, and an easily replaceable HEPA H14 eff.99.995% MPPS filter. The whole structure is made of AISI 304L stainless steel or anodized and painted aluminum, it is easy to decontaminate and resistant to disinfectants. The filter frame is in anodized aluminum, the protective net protects it from accidental impacts, has a silicone gasket for resting on the edge of the structure in a special seat. A stainless steel frame presses the filter into the housing and makes it well fixed in the relative space, and protects it with the grid applied. It can work with an on / off switch or with a voltage variator to adjust the amount of air emitted by the module.Power supply: 230V / 1Ph / 50HzOverall dimensions: approx. mm 1300 x 700 x 430 hHEPA filters: H14 size 1220 x 610 x 69 mm - eff. 99.995% MPPSprefilter size: 610x450x10 mm (1 standard)net weight: 50 kgmotor fan: radial type; manually adjustable from electronic board or fixed speedspeed of air leaving the filter: 0.40m / s at 125 Patreated air volume: 1100 m3 / h at 0.40m / sMotor power and type: 230V-50 / 60Hz 0.17 kW / 1A / 1410 rpmProtection: IP 44Noise emission: 52 dB (a)Packaging: each module is prepared for the transport of even one piece, in a cardboard case on a pallet.