Modular modular aspirating hood with Molecular Filtration for adsorption on activated carbon, for ceiling suspension or for installation on tracks / legs or on top of existing machinery.

The black modul is an instrument normally built in anodized aluminum, subsequently painted with epoxy powder, which during its operation sucks air from the lower surface and filters it with activated carbon before putting it back into circulation: in fact it is a modular hanging hood modular Filtration Molecular by adsorption on activated carbon, for ceiling or wall suspension, installable on track / legs or on existing machinery.

The black modul is an autonomous unit that sucks in the ambient air from the internal motor fan, first making it dedust from the high efficiency prefilters, then passing through the active carbon filtering group. The filtered air is then expelled from the motor fan outside the cabin and recirculated in the environment, or possibly channeled outside through a special expulsion duct.

The modules can be installed individually or together with others, hanging them on the ceiling or resting on special support legs, or in other combinations to be established (execution however carried out by specialized technical staff with attention to the considerable weight of the modules). To create a small closed environment around a defined area, and improve the effect and the quality of the work of the equipment, the module can be equipped with soft or rigid PVC curtains to surround the perimeter of the same until it drops to the desired floor height.

The module includes a series of high efficiency prefilters, a backward curved radial fan, and a pair of activated carbon filters for specific uses that can be replaced by 2 technicians with relative ease. The whole structure is made of painted aluminum, it is easy to clean with commercially available detergents (avoid thinners and bleaches). The filter frame is in anodized aluminum, the upper protection net protects against the risk of accidental introduction of foreign bodies into the motor area. A rectangular frame presses the filters into the housing making them well fixed in the relative space; above the frame, a frame is fixed to allow the use of dust collectors, and must never be removed. The module can work with an on / off switch

Power supply: 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz

Overall dimensions: mm 1360 x 690 x 490 h

activated carbon filters: size 600 x 600 x 60 mm - for solvents and hydrocarbons, odors in general

prefilters size: n ° 2 of 450x610x10 mm and n ° 1 of 300x610x10

net weight of a single aluminum module: 80 kg

motor fan: radial type; manually adjustable electronic board located in the wall-mounted control panel

incoming air speed: 0.25 / 0.50m / s

volume of air treated: 1300 m3 / h approx. at 0.50m / s

Motor power and type: 230V-50Hz 0.47 kW / 2A / 1410 rpm

Protection: IP 54

Noise emission: 56 dB (a)