Technical evolution of the aspirated bench entirely made of 304L stainless steel, initially designed for the reception of disposable containers in samples, normally preserved in formalin. It is equipped with a fume extraction system from the perforated worktop and from the rear wall, and designed for the discharge of fumes to the outside, to guarantee a high level of personal protection from chemical risk or treatment of substances dangerous for the man. Transportable device, it is suitable for analysis laboratories, sectoral, histology and pathological anatomy, pharmacies, welding laboratories etc.

The air sucked in by the worktop and the perforated rear bottom, enters the sealed compartment containing filters and motor and positioned in the bench below, passes through 2 active carbon filters specific for the substances to be neutralized, and is then totally expelled by the fan after purification through the channel obtained in the double central rear bottom, and conveyed into the 200mm flanged manifold on the upper side of the bottom itself, convenient for connection to the expulsion pipe if required.

The worktop is made up of a flat vacuumed surface with a raised perimeter of 40 mm to prevent liquid spills; built-in there are a series of removable perforated shelves for autoclave washing; on request, a rinsing tank and a gooseneck or mixer dispenser can be positioned on the right or left.

The flow of the intake air is considerable, guaranteed by a motor fan from a leading international manufacturer, very quiet and with a high prevalence. The control panel is inserted in the front left side of the counter and includes, in addition to the electronic command and control board, also an electrical socket type UNEL / Schuko for any small instruments.

The lower side of the counter consists of the central technical compartment for filters and fan, closed by a panel with screws and can be opened by a maintenance technician to replace the filters; on the right and / or left there are storage compartments useful for storing laboratory materials, which can be opened with doors equipped with a handle.

Strong points of the aspirated bench are the robustness of the product (steel thickness 12/10 ") and the possibility of lateral and upper closure in steel / polycarbonate, for transformation into a real chemical hood.


Structure entirely made of 304L stainless steel scotch-brite surface finish with rounded corners and edges, thickness 12/10 ";

Worktop in one piece, without welds, with a raised perimeter of 40 mm to prevent out-of-shape liquids from escaping;

Large tank positioned under the worktops perforated at the full width of the bench for conveying the air sucked into the filters and eliminating spilled liquids using a 1 "½ drain;

Worktops perforated in removable segments for autoclave washing;

Possibility of positioning the stainless steel tank on the surface for rinsing materials, with water dispenser from the rear bottom of the aspirated bench;

1800x150mm stainless steel rear shelf with magnetic bar for tool application;

Possibility of side and upper panels in polycarbonate for transformation into a chemical hood;

worktop in several perforated segments aspirated from below, 12 / 10mm thick, robust and resistant;

Large floor support feet in antistatic material, adjustable for leveling the bench; alternatively, on request, sturdy pivoting wheels for the counter movement;

filtration of the aspirated air by means of 2 very easy replacement prefilters in G3 arrestance class, and 2 standard activated carbon filters for formalin (replaceable with filters for other substances to be adsorbed;

possibility of conveying the filtered air expelled towards the outside of the building (zero recirculation) by means of a Æ 200 mm PVC pipe to be connected to the flange of the standard installed drain fitting;

internal centrifugal fan operating at variable voltage, automatically adjusted by the electronic board according to the parameters set;

automatic adjustment of the pre-set flow speed and modifiable by the operator according to the progressive clogging of the activated carbon filters;

real-time display of the circulating air flow (in m / sec) via a digital display on the front panel;

15 Watt UV lamp optional for engine compartment and filters

electronic card with display and antistatic keyboard controlled by a microprocessor;


On the control panel, which contains the electronic board controlled by a microprocessor, there are:

light blue bipolar O / I main switch;

membrane keyboard (soft touch) with antistatic protection;

digital display with indication of the intake air speed (in m / sec);

digital electronic hour meter of general operation equipment;

electronic digital hour meter for U.V.C lamp operation;

countdown U.V.C lamp operation timer that can be set by the customer with automatic switch-off at the end of the cycle;

insufficient alarm speed of the circulating air in the car;

depression alarm inside the filter compartment and insufficient engine;

pre-alarm of the next need for filter replacement with indication on the display;

pre-alarm of the next UVC lamp replacement with indication on the display.


filtration efficiency of treated air n ° 2 activated carbon filters with specific impregnation

air prefiltration efficiency: n ° 2 synthetic prefilters class G3 arrestance

UVC germicidal lamp: optional 15 Watt

quantity of treated air: default 1000m3 / h; user adjustable in the software parameters

external drain connection: 200 vert (d. ext mm)

worktop dimensions: 1720 x 630 mm (side x side) x 900 (h)

total external dimensions: mm 1800 x 790 x 2000 (L x P x h)

power supply: single-phase 230 V; 50/60 Hz;

total installed power: 0.500 kW

additional admissible powers: n.1 socket 2P + T max 800 Watt

net weight: 120 kg approx


Aspirated bench with adsorption on activated carbon, with recirculation in the environment or total expulsion to the outside through ducting.

Compliant with:

2006/42 / EC Machinery Directive

2014/30 / UE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

CEI EN 61010-1: 2017-12 (Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and for use in the laboratory)

Equipped with:

1 separable perforated worktop in AISI 304 stainless steel

n ° 1 full width shelf 150mm depth for material support

n ° 1 magnetic bar for applying metal tools

n ° 2 synthetic prefilters G3

n ° 2 activated carbon filters for aldehydes, thickness 60mm

n ° 1 internal centrifugal fan

n ° 1 central rear external drain connection d.200mm

1 control panel and automatic control of the intake air flow with alarm functions

n ° 1 internal electrical service socket for small instruments 230 V / 50 Hz

230 V - 50 Hz (1 phase + 1 neutral + 1 earth) power supply cable with plug

Available upon request:

Germicidal lamp 15W

330x240mm stainless steel liquid discharge tank

Hot / cold water tap from the rear bottom

Accessories for outdoor ducting

Differential pressure gauge for checking internal depression