Bench-top filtered extractor hood Mini Black

The hood has been designed to protect both the operator and the surrounding / external environment from any contamination by manipulation of harmful chemical substances coming from the work area.

Designed and built with the criterion of the typical total exhaust fume hoods, it is smaller.

Main features

- external carpentry in steel plate painted with epoxy oven powder

- double rear suction bottom to even out the horizontal air flow

- worktop closed as a tray to hold liquids, in AISI 304 stainless steel, removable for cleaning (10 liter capacity)

- tempered front glass (5 mm thick) that can be opened with a compass and can be locked in the fully open position

- thermally protected fan motor

- exhaust collar (Æ 150 mm) for possible conveyance of the air expelled through the PVC pipe to the outside

- fluorescent lamp in the area outside the work chamber

- control panel in front of the machine with "soft-touch" membrane keyboard

- high quality electronic card managed by a microprocessor

- possibility of adjustment of the air flow by the operator

- digital electronic hour meter for machine activity and UV germicidal lamp operation (if installed)

- interlocking fluorescent lamp / UV lamp (optional)

- countdown timer UVC lamp can be set by the customer with auto-off at the end of the cycle

- visual pre-alarm on display for exceeding the maximum period for replacing the installed filter (resettable)

- certification CE

- built in compliance with DIN 12924 and DIN 12927 Standards

Technical features

- white lamp: fluorescent (power 13 W)

- work area lighting:> 700 lux

- filtered air volume: 350 m3 / h

- average air speed: 0.5 m / sec (also adjustable by the user between 0.25 and 0.70 m3 / h)

- noise level: <58 dB (A)

- installed power: 250 W

- power supply: 230V 50 Hz

- front opening height: min. 200 mm - max. 350 mm

- external dimensions: 800 x 580 x 940 mm (W x D x h)

- useful internal dimensions: 795 x 500 x 575 mm (W x D x h)

- net weight:

- Mini Black-C 73 kg

- Mini Black-H 69 kg

- Mini Black-CH 76 kg

Models available

Depending on the filters installed, the following models can be used:

Mini Black - C, with:

n ° 1 prefilter with 75% efficiency

1 active carbon filter C100 / B100 for generic solvents

Mini Black - H, with:

n ° 1 prefilter with 75% efficiency

n ° 1 absolute HEPA filter (Class H14 with filtration efficiency equal to 99.995 MPPS, as per EN 1822) for cleaning from poor read

Mini Black - CH, with:

n ° 1 prefilter with 75% efficiency

n ° 1 HEPA filter (Class H14 with filtration efficiency equal to 99.995 MPPS, as per EN 1822)

1 activated carbon filter C100 / B40