mod. "Stock 120"

Vertical ventilated cabinet with filtration by adsorption of activated carbon on the treated air and absolute filtration by means of HEPA H14 absolute filter.
Suitable for the storage and handling of even "fresh" histological samples from the Operating Plate, of Criminal Police finds, for the storage in the hospital laboratory of anatomical formaldehyde samples (sector, autopsy, pathological anatomy)
With the doors open, 80% of the total flow of the incoming air is directly sucked through the front opening, while the remaining 20% ​​is sucked from below passing through a synthetic prefilter to retain the dust (with the doors closed, the air is sucked totally from below). The air, sucked in by the fan motor, enters horizontally in the working area of ​​the cabinet, in the space between the perforated shelves and, before being taken up by the double rear backdrop also perforated, it removes dust and / or traces of products. stagnant aeriforms (the air flow crosses the shelves vertically). The recovered mass of air is treated by the filtering group: first the activated carbon filter for formaldehyde or other impregnation on request with a thickness of 40 mm and then the HEPA filter. The filtered air is then expelled from the motor fan outside the cabinet and returned to the environment or channeled outside through a special expulsion duct with a minimum diameter of 150mm.
main features
· External carpentry in carbon steel with epoxy powder coating and subsequent oven treatment
· N. 2 front doors with safety laminated glass hinged and equipped with key lock
· Tempered side windows for internal vision.
· N. 4 perforated shelves (or closed tanks on request) for the free upward movement of the treated air, freely positionable at any height
· Double perforated suction bottom, for heavy vapors and compartment cleaning at every point
· N. 8 lower grills for room air intake equipped with 2 lower synthetic prefilters with galvanized sheet metal frame, easily replaceable "drawer"
· Rapid replacement filter unit from cabinet front consisting of:
or n ° 1 activated carbon filter type CI200 / B40 (thickness 40 mm) for the adsorption of formaldehyde / glutaraldehyde.
o n.1 HEPA absolute filter 99.995% MPPS efficiency on 0.3 micrometer particles installed upstream of the carbon filter unit above. Filter dimensions 610x457x68H mm.
· N. 1 355 W centrifugal suction fan with self-regulated air flow rate from the electronic board. With the doors closed, the fan runs on a reduced cycle (Energy saver system)
· External drain connection diam. 150 mm cylindrical stub (collar) for possible channeling of the expelled air outside
· Internal lighting by means of fluorescent lamp ceiling lights with keyboard control, ignition with open or closed doors
· Machine control electronic board controlled by the latest generation microprocessor, with cutting-edge electronic technology
Automatic adjustment of the incoming air speed by means of an electronic card capable of compensating:
or continuously changes in the opening of the cabinet doors;
o the progressive clogging of the prefilters and any absolute filters, if installed;
o any voltage drops in the power supply;
or the presence of one or more operators in front of the cabinet, reducing the air speed to avoid turbulence in the storage area.
· Self-regulation of exhaust flow rate for front barrier adjustment when opening only 1 or 2 front glass doors simultaneously
Luminous and audible preset alarms of:
or clogging prefilters
or insufficient air speed and relative clogging of filters
o visual alarm on the display of the need to replace the installed filters (resettable after replacement)
o visual pre-alarm on the display of the need to replace the TUV UVC germicidal lamp (optional, resettable after replacement)
Membrane control keyboard with:
or luminous bipolar general switch 0/1
or aspirator ignition button
or internal light switch button
o UVC lamp power button (optional) and operating timer
o button for enabling internal electrical socket (optional)
o digital operating hour meter
or real-time reading of the air velocity in transit inside the cabinet on a digital display in m / sec

Technical features

¨ lamp: n ° 2 fluorescent neon type (power 28 W) with anti-glare / anti-glare screen

¨ work area lighting:> 1000 lux

¨ noise: <57 dB (A)

¨ average speed of incoming air: 0.30m / sec (can be changed by the customer)

Exhausted air flow rate: 750m3 / h max

¨ power supply: 230V / 50 Hz

¨ installed power: 410 W

¨ external dimensions: 1200 x 890 x 2210 mm (l x d x h)

¨ useful internal dimensions: 1180 x 660 x 1400 mm (w x d x h)

¨ net weight: 330 kg

Standard equipped with:

n ° 1 centrifugal fan 355W

n ° 2 28W fluorescent lamps

n ° 1 pair of high efficiency synthetic prefilters

n ° 1 230 V - 50 Hz power supply cable

n ° 4 internal perforated shelves

n ° 1 activated carbon filter for formaldehyde (or other of your choice)

n ° 1 absolute Hepa filter