Horizontal laminar flow hood, modern and very robust. Membrane keyboard (soft touch) with antistatic protection.

APPLICATIONS: Handling of products sensitive to ambient air contamination; preparation of culture media; Sterility controls; assembly of electronic and optical devices. Quality audits in the food industry.


Cabins with work area protected by horizontal laminar flow in ISO 5 class (formerly Class 100 - Fed Std 209E), counter-top version, suitable for handling non-pathogenic products or culture media in a sterile environment; preparation of TPN parenteral solutions; in vitro fertilization techniques.

Class I equipment according to CEI EN 61010-1 standards. Constructed in accordance with:

EN 1822 (relative to HEPA filters); CEI EN 61010-1; Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI 66.5 and 62.25); UNI-CIG regulation


Class of work: ISO 5 (ex class 100 according to Fed Std 209E)

HEPA H14 filter efficiency: 99.995% MPPS according to EN1288 standard (ex 99.999% on particles with 0.3 μm diameter)

Average LAF speed:> 0.50 m / sec. (directly modifiable by the user)

Lamps: fluorescent lamps outside the work area, work area light intensity:> 800 lux

Noise level: <60 dBA

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz


External dimensions Internal useful size Net weight

(W x D x H) in mm (W x D x H) in mm in kg

mod. 90: 970 x 1050 x 1275 mm interior: mm 800 x 610 x 735 103kg

mod. 120: mm 1270 x 1050 x 1275 internal: mm 1110 x 610 x 735 143kg

mod. 180; 1880 x 1050 x 1275 internal: mm1720 x 610 x 735 180kg